Building Skills, Finding Your Voice

Greenhill Middle School isn't just a stepping-stone to Upper School. It's a special place where students are valued, nurtured, and challenged to become their best selves.
"Middle School is an exciting, important time here at Greenhill," said Susan Palmer, Head of Middle School. "Our building is filled with enthusiastic teachers who connect with students and engaged students who connect with each other. In and out of class, students build a strong academic foundation while developing important skills for school and life. And, they learn in ways that are exciting and relevant right now. There's a lot of fun happening here!"

Challenge and Choice

Middle School students enjoy lots of choices when it comes to everyday life at Greenhill. From classes and clubs to arts and athletics, opportunities to pursue what you love abound.

Skills for Life

To navigate the challenges of Middle School, our program is designed to help students develop skills for school and life, like time-management, self-advocacy, compassion, and resiliency. It's the perfect time to grow through trial and error.
Head of Middle School

Learn in the Real World, for the Real World

Explore our country's founding documents in the Library of Congress, stand in Martin Luther King's footsteps at the Lincoln Memorial, and discuss the issues of our time on the Hill during the eighth grade Washington D.C. trip.
Compete in Olympic Games and bring mythology to the stage - some students act, some design sets, some build an app for ticket sales - all live ancient history on Greek Day!
Engage in personal reflection as you write letters to the Library of Congress about your experience reading a book, poem, or speech for the Letters about Literature Contest.
Experience Chinese, Latin, and Spanish in the fifth grade language carousel before selecting a course of study.
Learn Python coding using Minecraft to build a foundational understanding of the design process.
Work in the Middle School teaching garden to learn the principles of sustainability and harvest delicious produce.

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